About Us

About Yankee Bumpkin

Style that makes you feel inspired, confident, and motivated for each day. If you don't think that clothes can do those things for you, then girl, you have come to the right place. We are ready to change your mind! 

The wonderful thing about clothes is that whether you are an extrovert or introvert you can make a bold statement without saying a thing. The right outfit can empower you to speak up, walk bolder, and have the confidence to accomplish your goals. Think about how you feel in a brand new outfit. The smile that you have looking in the mirror, the swagger in your walk that causes everyone to take a second look, and how you feel a little more powerful when you wear it. 

That is our why! We want you to be powerful! 

As a teacher, I always dreaded getting up and getting ready for school. I had nothing but boring, old, and uninspired teacher clothes to choose from. At that time, I really wished that each school I had worked would adopt a uniform policy where we could all just wear khakis and a polo and call it a day. 

It wasn't that I hated clothes, but I hated not having the financial access to them. Every boutique and box store that I visited, I could not afford. A pair of jeans cost $50.00-$100.00, a t-shirt $25, and a tunic top $40. I know some of you out there are thinking, "that's not bad at all." Well when you are a teacher, one outfit for $100 is out of reach for our salary. Additionally, I had gone all of my life without financial access to clothing so I could not have put an outfit together anyway! 

This year, owning Yankee Bumpkin as a handmade craft shop, I gained access to thousands of boutique owners, their business models, and their insane mark-ups. People charge higher prices just so they can be exclusive and exclude people from their brands! Wow! How do you sleep at night? Comfy I'm guessing in their huge mansions lol. 

Anyway, I wanted to offer the same merchandise, at half the cost, and make the biggest impact possible for women and fashion. We provide pieces that compliment each other and each month's line can be styled for 5-12 different outfits. That's what women need! We need financially accessible fashion and a style guide to help us put them together. We have got you covered!

Let us dress you and you can spend your time hustling at your career, raising your kids, being present with your family...all while feeling cute, stylish, and comfortable!

Yankee Bumpkin Story

Before the pandemic started, January 2020, I started crafting using my old mason jars that had once housed my aunt's pickles and jams. Before I new it, I was teaching all day, overwhelmed with Etsy orders in the evenings, and scrambling to have any family time. However, I was having a blast getting to know customers, making them smile, and them becoming friends from across the country and the world. The pandemic provided me with a much needed slow down, time with my family, and a chance to evaluate my small business that I had started for my mother-in-law (the Yankee) and myself (the Bumpkin). I used all the money I made from my little business to buy school clothes in hopes we would return to traditional learning in Fall 2020. 

When we returned to traditional school, I remember being so excited because for once in my life, I did not have to worry about what I would wear. We had enough to worry about returning to school lol.  I had taken all of my money and stocked my bare closet from March to July. My clothes felt like armor. I felt confident and inspired every single day. So confident and inspired I often ran late to school too giddy in my closet to get my life together and get going. 

I kept hearing other teachers say "I wish I could afford to look cute", "I can't afford to spend tons of money on clothes", and the dreaded "I wish we could just wear uniforms."  By owning the Etsy shop, I had tons of resources, vendors, and support all around me. I could buy clothes and sell them at a good price for teachers. Maybe looking better would make them more confident, and in that, become better and happier teachers. In February 2021, I am turning my handmade shop into a full on boutique that is financially accessible and convenient styling for all women. I would be lying if I said I am not deathly afraid of failure. There are so many boutiques; I worry if people will get us and our why. All I know is that my confidence changed for the better this year: I didn't lose a ton of weight, I didn't get a sassy hairstyle, and I haven't had my nails done since I don't know when....I changed my clothes :)